Thom Armstrong

Chief Executive Officer

Thom leads the Co-operative Housing Federation BC Group of Social Purpose Entities (CHF BC) as the CEO, drawing on more than 30 years of experience in the co-operative housing movement. He is motivated by his conviction that Community Land Trust is uniquely positioned among a diverse group of housing stakeholders in BC to develop and steward affordable housing assets for generations to come.

Michelle Iversen

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle is the COO of the Co-operative Housing Federation BC Group of Social Purpose Entities (CHF BC). She is responsible for developing and implementing a human resources strategy to support the business of the organizations and is closely involved in the long-term planning for CLT. Additionally, she provides governance support to the CEO and the board of directors. She is committed to putting together teams who believe in serving a greater purpose while facilitating positive results and creating a lasting impact.

Anne Buckley

Executive Assistant

Anne is the Executive Assistant to the Management Team at CHF BC and CLT. She is responsible for supporting the group’s HR strategy and for maintaining the administrative, governance and operational processes across the group. She comes from a background of working in non-profits and seeks ways in how we can improve the way we work.

Darren Kitchen

Manager of Development Partnerships

Darren leads community partnerships, land acquisition and development agreements, financing, and oversight of development construction for a number of projects within CLT’s portfolio. He is a long-time supporter of progressive and community-centred causes, having worked with government, non-profit, and community housing sector organizations throughout his career. He has supported the establishment of multiple housing co-operatives, through his professional work and as a founding member, and is committed to providing others with safe and affordable places to live.